Sell Sodium borohydride Cas 16940-66-2


Sell Sodium borohydride Cas 16940-66-2

Sell Sodium borohydride Cas 16940-66-2

Sodium borohydride, a potent reducing agent, finds extensive application in organic and biochemical reactions. Ligand-induced reduction of AuCl3 with sodium borohydride enables the preparation of nanocrystalline superlattices in gold colloid solution. An economical alternative method for the Baylis-Hillman reaction involves nucleophilic addition of hydride ions from sodium borohydride, leading to the formation of [E]-α-methylcinnamic acids. NaBH4, the chemical formula for sodium borohydride, holds remarkable significance as a strong reducing agent in organic synthesis, particularly for carbonyl compound reduction like aldehydes and ketones. It exists as a white, hygroscopic solid, soluble in water and methanol, and widely utilized in organic chemistry for its excellent reducing capabilities. Its industrial applications span the production of pharmaceuticals, dyes, and various organic compounds. In scientific research, sodium borohydride is widely employed for reducing carbonyl compounds and synthesizing diverse organic molecules, including amino acids, peptides, and nucleosides. Moreover, it contributes to polymer synthesis such as polyesters and polyamides. Sodium borohydride functions by donating hydride ions (H-) to carbonyl compounds, effectively reducing them to alcohols. The reaction typically involves the presence of an acid catalyst, such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid.


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