FAQs From our Customers

We have 6 years export experience and guarantee the best qualities products above which attains 99% purity, and some 99.7% purity.

Our packages are mostly shipped discreetly from china or our warehouse in the US which already have product stored.

Shipping cost will be declared by our couriers before you order and of course thats all until you get your package.

Yes, you are welcome to order samples before placing bulk order. We will send the sample directly to your door by courier but you will have to pay for shipping cost.

Usually , we ship as soon as pay, if delayed, it might take 1-2 days after confirm your payment.

We use EMS, EUB, USPS, UPS TNT, China Post, FEDEX and DHL and note that shipping courier is also determined by your geographical location.

–Includes Apartment/Unit number and postal codes for faster delivery.
–If your address is not in the right format or is non-deliverable as addressed on the tracking due to wrong address format, we will not take responsibility for that, So please make sure you give us the right address and format.

We’ll do our utmost best to look for a solution! The say in business the customer is the king, so expect the best from us.

I have to keep a record of your address in case there is any problems, however, as soon as you’ve received your order your address will be deleted. And when next you wanna place another order, you can then provide your delivery address again. But for clients who register and order directly from our website, their info will not be deleted. This makes it easy for them to reorder without having to fill out their info again.

If you provide an inaccurate format, your order will be automatically canceled.
Please double check the required address format for your country and or State, and then resubmit your order.

We try to ship all products from multiple orders together in one parcel but we cannot guarantee this especially for international shipments.
All international orders outside China take 5-14 days delivery period.

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